The Southeast Asia (SEA) Guitar Festival
The idea of connecting artists from across the South East Asia region for something bigger actually started from random conversations between friends, who later became the “Asian Guitar Friends” group. The idea started small but it soon turned into something serious after countless “nights” of discussions over the years.

The Southeast Asia (SEA) Guitar Festival is an annual event involving participants from the current 10 countries of Southeast Asia. The rationale is that the regional activities will help promote the popularity of classical guitar scene, improve the level of playing and most importantly to develop relations among participants.

For its first year, the SEA Guitar Festival will be held in Bangkok, Thailand on 6-8 April 2018 in collaboration with the Silpakorn Guitar Festival and Chang Chui: Creative Space. Seven Countries, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Singapore, Vietnam, the Philippines and Thailand were the founding members, planning to take turns hosting the festival each year. Each year the host nation will stage guitar performance awards, concerts, masterclasses and workshops. The activities aim to improve relations among participants. The organizers believe that aside from being a good guitar player, a guitarist needs to connect with other guitarists to create opportunities for each other.
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