Young Artists Awards

Young Artist Awards 

The Rules

-Not older than 18 years old (born after 1st January 2002)

– The SEA Guitar Performance Young Artist Awards is open for participants holding non other than Southeast Asia passports :(Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Laos, Singapore, Vietnam, Brunei, Myanmar, Cambodia and Thailand)

– The Young Artist Awards is made up of 2 rounds

The Video Qualified

One Free Choice Piece duration 3-5 minutes (all the participants are required to upload an unedited live recording of the musical works onto to public) and send the link to your host nation organizer by email or the Facebook accounts (the dead line is on 10th March 2020). Voting (2nd to 5th April) will be made at SEA Guitar Festival Facebook Page

*The Video must include!*

1. Self-Introduction (in English)

– Yourself (Name, Age and Country)

– The title you are participating in(“I would like to take part in the SEA Guitar Performance Young Artist Awards Indonesia year 2019”)

– Announcing the musical work

2. Your performance on the guitar

*Participants accumulating 100 and more “Likes” from their Videos will be qualified for the Final Award .*

Final Award (11th April 2020)

1. Performance (duration of pieces = 10-12 minutes,(The piece in the Video Qualified can be repeated in the Final Award)

– The music must be played from memory

– All participants must introduce themselves to the jury members and audience, preferably in a relaxed and pleasant manner

– The decision of the jury is final

-Application fee for The Young Artist Awards fee is 200 MYR (Malaysia Ringgit) 


The SEA Guitar Young Artist of the year 2019:

  • Concert Guitar by Vu Tran (2,500 USD)
  • Cash RM 800
  • Guitar Book 
  • Guitar String 

The 1st Runner-up:

  • Guitar by Guitar Store, Malaysia
  • Cash RM 300
  • Guitar Book 
  • Guitar String 

The 2nd Runner-up

  • Cash RM 300
  • Guitar Book 
  • Guitar String 

Special Reward:

  • Guitar String 


*For the prizes of the Performance Awards, we will inform you in advance in case there is any change.*

Application Form

*All participants must contact to the host organizers in your respective countries to apply. CONTACT

*All the participants who passed the VDO Qualified must pay the fee in RM (Malaysian Ringgit) to the host nation before or on the briefing day!(9th April 2020)