Schedule 2023

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Festival Schedule

15th December 2023

9:00  Guitar Performance Artistic Awards Live Performance (Senior) 

14:00 Guitar Ensemble Rehearsal 

15:30 Opening “Friendships” Concert by

–  Dr. Herry Rizal Djahwasi (Indonesia)

– Guitar Ensemble in Collaboration between UPSI, UNY, HMCM and SU

16:30 Guitar Performance Artistic Awards Live Performance Finalists Announcement

16th December 2023

9:00 Guitar Performance Young Artist Awards Live Performance (Junior) 

12:00 Guitar Ensemble Awards Live Performance

16:00 Harimau Malaya” Concert by 

–  Seah Xiang Hong    –  Duo MeloMinim    –  Duo Janice and Shung Ee

–  Leong Yee Hoo       – Yong King Lih & Chan Vay Hann

17:30 The Book Presentation “Sounds from the SEA” perform by 

–  Chuah Yeong Chin (Malaysia) – Pongpat Pongpradit (Thailand)

–  Huy Quang Tran (Vietnam) – Wadcharin Suksabsri (Thailand)

19:00 “East meets West” Concert by

–  Daniel Tjahja (Indonesia)

–  Huy Thanh Nguyen (Vietnam)

– Leon Koudelak (Czech Republic)

17th December 2023

9:00 Masterclass by Leon Koudelak / Huy Thanh Nguyen 

9:00 Interview with the Luthiers and Guitar Presentation 

12:30 Guitar Performance Artistic Awards Final (Senior)

15:30 “Guitar Music Blended Concert” by 

– Y.S. Tang (Malaysia)

– Sagobako Guitar Duet (Vietnam & Thailand)

16:30 Award Announcement and Closing Ceremony